UC Berkeley’s Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament (CMAT) is entirely student-run and depends on having a large staff of volunteers to run efficiently. We are always in need of more people and will be running volunteers in four-hour shifts for all three days. During each shift, volunteers will be called for tasks lasting around 30 minutes before being relieved. Tasks include the following:

Setup – Help to set up the venue (field house in the RSF) on the Friday before the tournament. This includes transporting the heavy nandu carpets, laying down tarp and puzzle mats, and preparing all the rings for competition.

Security – Watch the hallways and restricted areas. Make sure that competitors (especially children) do not practice or run around in the hallways. CMAT is only allowed access to certain areas of the gym, so competitors cannot simply wander around. You must be prepared to firmly say no, even to adults much older than yourself, and to sit in one place for an extended period of time (you may bring homework or other material to keep yourself occupied).

Timekeeping – Time competitors’ forms with the provided stopwatch. This is a fairly simple and non-absorbing task, so sometimes you will be asked to help the scorer or take over both duties if we are short on volunteers.

Scorekeeping – Operate the main computer at each ring, entering scores and typing chat messages.

Running – Find competitors and make sure they are in the warmup area or near the ring for the start of their event.

Ringleading – Run the ring you are assigned to. This includes coordinating with judges, ensuring there are constantly competitors lined up for the next events, calling out competitor names and scores, and shuffling event orders as necessary. Ringleader is one of the most important roles at CMAT and should be handled by an experienced and authoritative individual.

Takedown – Take down all competition equipment and leave the gym looking as if CMAT had never taken place. We must be clear of the venue by 11:00 pm on Sunday.