A big thank you to the following organizations for their contributions for CMAT 27:

Increase Exposure to the Asian-American Community

Supporting events such as the UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament helps show your support and interest in the Asian-American community. As this tournament is the largest and most prestigious of its kind in the nation, your connection to our event will generate positive exposure in this important market segment, creating positive brand associations with your products and services.

Help Students at UC Berkeley

The UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament is a non-profit event run exclusively by volunteer staff from the Cal Wushu Club and the UC Martial Arts Program. The vast majority of volunteers are full-time students contributing much of their own free time and energy. Your material or financial support is instrumental to the success of their efforts to promote the Chinese Martial Arts in the US. All donations and sponsorship packages are tax-deductible. The UC Martial Arts Program will provide all necessary documentation.

Get Involved in a Rapidly Growing Sport

Wushu is the featured event at the UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament. With its prominence in recent films such as The Matrix andCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, wushu is increasing in popularity worldwide. Bridging ancient Chinese heritage and contemporary sport, wushu enchants and amazes its viewers with its power and grace. Your support for this art form as it enters the mainstream reflects a unique cultural savvy for both the traditional and the contemporary.

Contact Information

For information on sponsorship options, please email our CMAT Publicity Team at: cmat.director@ucmap.org