Where can I find parking on the day of the tournament?

Parking lots (with their respective fees) available:
-RSF Garage (Bancroft Way and Ellsworth St)
-Trinity Parking Lot (2362 Bancroft Way)
-Bancroft Parking Structure (underneath Hearst Tennis Courts on Bancroft Way)
-Underhill Parking Structure (underneath Underhill Soccer Field on College Ave and Channing Way)
-Telegraph Channing Garage (Telegraph Ave and Channing Way)
-Durant/Dana Parking Lot (Durant Ave and Dana St)
-B7 Garage (Bowditch St and Bancroft Way)

I won’t know if I can register until closer to the CMAT date. Will I be able to register still? 

Yes, you will be able to register. This year, registration will be held rather late, due to technical difficulties. Stay tuned for announcements, when registration opens up again.

What are the rules for the Preparatory Events?

Preparatory Events rules are available here.

Will there be a Nandu Event for Contemporary Wushu this year? 

No, nandu events will not be featured this year at CMAT 26. CMAT is offering a compulsory division for Longfist instead.

If I want to register for a non-compulsory Contemporary Wushu barehand form, which event should I register for?

If you are competing in a non-compulsory Contemporary Long Fist form, then you should sign up for “Event Number 101 – Contemporary Long Fist”.

If  you are competing in a non-compulsory Contemporary Southern Fist form, then you should sign up for “Event Number 102 – Contemporary Southern Fist form”.

Where can I learn the forms for the Contemporary New Compulsory forms? 

The Contemporary New Compulsory forms may be viewed through these Youtube Videos.

Changquan New Compulsory Routine:


Nanquan New Compulsory Routine:

How is the Contemporary New Compulsory Long Fist event divided? 

The New Compulsory Long Fist and New Compulsory Nanquan events will not have divisions for different age groups.

What is “Longfist 3?” 

Longfist 3 is also known as Elementary Changquan Routine 3 or the 3rd Duan Changquan. It is a beginner and intermediate level event. Here is a video of the routine:

What is “Longfist 6?” 

Longfist 6 is an intermediate and advanced event. Here is a video of the routine: