CMAT 26 rules are now available.

Some changes to highlight:

  • Age brackets for internal events (only) as been updated
    • Child — <12 years old
    • Teen — 13-17 years old
    • Young Adult — 18-39 years old
    • Adult — 40-65 years old
    • Senior — 66+ years old
  • Internal Grand Championship trophies has been divided into four categories:
    • 39-and-under (male and female, respectively)
    • 40-and-above (male and female, respectively)
    • Qualifier events for the Grand Championship trophies for Internal have been adjusted:
      1. Internal 42 Taiji AND Internal 42 Taiji Straight Sword as a set
        • Seniors and Adults (40-years-old and above) may substitute the 32 Taiji Straight Sword AND Internal 24 Yang as a set for this category.
        • Note you cannot mix and match the two set options.
      2. Other (non-Taiji) Internal Form (Internal Xingyiquan, Internal Baguazhang, Internal Baji Fist, Internal Other)
      3. Other Internal Weapon Form (Internal Taiji Broadsword, Internal Other Taiji Short Weapon, Internal Other Taiji Long Weapon, Internal Other Short Weapon, Internal Other Long Weapon)
        • Note you cannot do a second Taiji Straight Sword event to qualify

Come join us Saturday, March 24 to Sunday, March 25th, 2018 for the 26th annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament (CMAT 26) hosted by the University of California Martial Arts Program (UCMAP) at UC Berkeley. This two-day event will feature divisions for Traditional, Contemporary, and Internal Chinese Martial Arts.

Boasting some of the largest and most prestigious Wushu, Kung Fu, and Taijiquan competitions in North America, the volunteer-run event is open to all ages and will be located at UC Berkeley’s Recreational Sports Facility, Kleeberger Field House, 2301 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720.

More information including events and registration will be available later.

We look forwards to seeing you there!
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